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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer slow down...

Until mid-July, I will be on the road conducting field research for my first book, a nonfiction narrative about organized crime and immigration in the United States. 

By the third week of July, I will be back with the weekly commentary, Security in Latin America.


Anonymous said...

Is there a chart somewhere showing comparative murder statistics for major cities in the Western Hemisphere?

Liz y Brian said...

Well, it's July 25,and Sinaloa's at war - According to El Universal, they've just pulled the body of a police officer out of a tree with a message "in his chest"? The narcotraficantes and the police have been leaving messages in public places for each other (- until now on, you know, banners and things). Do you have any feeling/knowledge/opinion/insight about the tradition in Mexico of warring sides leaving public messages for each other. So much like street gang graffiti tags, it seems unbecoming the federal police.

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