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Monday, December 01, 2008

Mexicans in Australia

Three Mexican nationals, who arrived in Melbourne, Australia five weeks before a 16 million dollar shipment of cocaine arrived at port have been arrested in Australia.

What’s interesting is that the Australian Federal Police have said that the cocaine was smuggled from South America, through the United States, and on to Australia.

Does this suggest there is a glut of cocaine inside the United States? That would be an interesting development. I have noted here and there that some sources – mostly from the US government – say demand for cocaine is down. The fact that Mexicans are moving cocaine into new markets, beyond the US, seems to support these findings.

Yet more ephedrine activity in Argentina, this time in Rosario, suggests there might be a shift occurring from a focus of selling cocaine inside the US to a focus on methamphetamines. Similarly, the focus may have shifted from the US as a primary coke market to other places in the world…

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jack said...

Hard to find good Mexican food, the burritos are horrendous. Not too many Mexicans in Australia. Central business district has lots of food courts, typically in the cellar.

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