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Friday, July 10, 2009

An example of criminal branding?

Today, I came across an article that appears to be an example of criminal branding.

As I've talked about before, criminal branding is an effective way for small-time crime group to leverage the fear factor already earned by larger groups.

This example is one where kidnappers claim to be a member of Los Zetas.

The story in the El Paso Times notes:

"Three of the suspects seemed to be younger than typically hardened Zetas, who often are former soldiers and ex-police officers."

It is possible that these guys were members of Los Zetas, in a way part of the organization's evolution.

It's also possible that these guys operate with the permission of Los Zetas, and have been told that if they are caught, that they should tell the police and press that they are Zetas, which expands the perception of this group's presence across Mexico.


pc said...

Going back maybe two years, I've also heard a lot along those lines (I live in TorreĆ³n in northern Mexico), that the Zetas often pair one of their older members with a group of street kids, all of them calling themselves Zetas. I actually know someone who was car jacked by a group fitting that description: one older guy hanging back who seemed to be in control, two kids with the guns and doing the talking. This article offers some examples of that dynamic too:

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